Is this card USB 2? [OPTi82c861]

This is a Belkin card
Box says Belkin USB 2-Port PCI Card

I bought 2 cards, one for each of my 2 win98 machines.
The box says:
Fully compliant with USB spec version 1.1 and PCI version 2.1
The manual says:
Supports full 12Mbps and 1.5Mbps low speed devices.

I think the guy at Best Buy said these were USB 2 cards, I don’t remember now as I bought them a month ago.

Device manager in Win98 just shows this:
Iomega Zip 100 USB Driver
Iomega Zip 750 USB Driver
OPTi82c861 PCI to USB Open Host Controller
USB Root Hub
No mention of “Enhanced”

(I read this about “Enhanced” in an older USB 2 thread)
If this isn’t right, I just wasted my money because both of these computers have onboard USB 1

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USB 2.0 is 480Mbps not 12Mbps and they all say they are USB1.1 fully compliant because even USB2.o is backwards compatible.

See how fast stuff transfers if you have any USB2.0 devices if oyu can, but it doesn’t seem to be USB2.0 by your description alone.

Yes this is a USB 1.1 card. The 2 was referring to the number of ports.

I guess I got screwed of $60, I’ll try to take one of them back,
I threw out the box for the 2nd one.
Thanks guys, I was wondering why my Zip750 is so slow.


I exchanged that card and got this one:
VIA Tech 3080 PCI to USB Enhanced Controller.

Funny thing is when looking in device manager, there are now:
3 Root hubs, (one is 2.0, the other two have no number)
3 controllers, (one is enhanced, the other two are “General”)

When checking these, each controller uses an interrupt, which are shared with other devices, and I have 3 IRQs which are “free” as shown in MSInfo.

Q1 Why do I need 3 controllers installed?
Q2 If I have free IRQs, why wouldn’t the setup program use them instead?

I tried deleting the “extra” controllers, but windows 98 insists on installing them when I reboot.

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