Is this card any good?new ati radeon 9800xt

i just bought a graphics card from ebay(new ati radeon 9800xt). does anyone know if this is a good card?? also with my setup would i be able to play the latest games?? my specs: amd athlon 64 3000+ 2.0ghz cpu, asrock k8upgrade vm800 754socket mobo, elixir 256mb ddr400 pc3200 184 pin ram, 250gb samsung sp2504c sata hdd. the ram is only temporary as im going to get 2gb corsair. i may also get fans + coolers as all i have the now is my power supply fan, heatsink etc for cpu, hard drive cooler. thanks

ah was just about to say, get more ram. If the card retails for alot then u got a good card lol.

I have a 3200 64 and I use that same card. Its a 256 meg/256bit with 8 pipelines and supports dx9 with most features. I have run HL2 on it pretty well with most normal features set at high but I don’t turn on all the eye candy it has.
I also have a gig of pretty fast ram and some OK ide drives. The card recently needed a new fan so I got a arctic cooler for it and it seems to be able to OC better and the artifacting it was getting has cleared up. It was a top of the line card when it was released but is now pretty dated, but still a pretty good card if you got it cheap enough. I’m thinking of going to a 800xl or maybe a 850xt as I also still have AGP and dont feel like getting a whole new system just to play games occasionally. The newer cards have 12 to 16 pipes and the memory is clocked faster plus is supports more eye candy with good frame rates.

A good one from the last of the AGP-only range - 9800XT was top of the 9xxx range, with an original price to match.

The X800’s are higher, and the 9800 is now effectively a midrange card compared to the best you can currently get.

I have to agree that the ATI 9800Xt is a good card. I run a rig with a 3200 64, 1 gig of RAM and a Maxtor 200GB HD. It has been a really solid system for the past 2 years.

With the 9800XT you can play todays best games, just at a lower resolution or With the A.A. & A.F. turned down some. I can comfortably play most any game @ 1280x1024 with 4XAA and 4XAF. Of course there are some exceptions. Also simply put it is hard to compete with a SLI rig or a card that has 2 or 3 times as many pipelines along with double the core & memory speed of the 9800XT.

But for those of us with a tight budget and an AGP slot, I think they are excellent cards. Hope you like it’s performance!