Is This Capture Card Good

I got a ATI All-in -Wonder radeon 7500 yesterday for my PC which some of you know includes the Sony DRU500a. Has anyone here
used this and if so,is it any good. Thus far,I 've gotten favorable
reviews,but given the expertise here,I’ll make my final decision.
Well,guys,what do I do,open the box,or take it back? Incidentally,it was $150 US at

I’ve used the ATI Radeon’s for capturing and they work fine.

As far as your All in Wonder Radeon 7500, Newegg has the OEM model for $120 (free shipping) and retail version for $127.

Whether it is worth it for you to return your present card for the price differential is up to you. Newegg is an excellent company, with outstanding service and prices.

Thanks again. Based on your recommendation,I’ll use it,Takin’ it back for a few dollars doesn’t make sense.Everywhere i look it seems like this
gets favorable reviews. Thanks once more… :bow:

Just my 2 cents.

For the difference in price I’d go with the more capable 8500DV which is now just $50 more.

I had one, and was quite pleased with it.

I’d also like to recommend Radeon 8500DV rather than 7500DV. 8500DV has become reasonably cheap after its successor 9700DV release.

The card works flawlessly,and captures
video well,even works well when my DVD
is hooked up to a ‘Macrovision unpersuader’…Thanks,guys. I’m in DVD Heaven!!!