Is this ( BYTECC 5.25" USB 2.0 External Enclosure ) work good with my NEC 3500?

[B]Hi all,
I want to ask about ( BYTECC 5.25" BLACK USB 2.0 External Enclosure ):

Is it work good with my NEC 3500?
And is it really Oxford chipset?

And can I use a converter between USB2.0 and Firewire?

Thank you
Doctor Aziz[/B]

USB2 should be good for upto 12X

My dad doesn’t burn faster than like 8x on his current media (Stock of RicohJPNR01’s) but the 3520 does well in that external enclosure at least at that speed. I never did a transfer rate test to see what it bursting too so sorry I can’t help you out with those specs. He uses it on USB2.0, don’t know if a converter for Firewire would work or not.

I think NewEgg might have their info mixed up there. It’s a USB2 box, not Firewire. Thus it would not have the Oxford chipset. I have 2 ByTecc dual-link boxes here and one had the Oxford, the other has Prolific.

when i unplugged every other device (including my ups) i got 13.41 with a ups and a printer i was down to 10x so that would kinda depend :frowning:

It would seem from the Big External Enclosure thread that the NEC is the best bet for these as BenQ and LG both have problems.

I just got one from here, $38 delivered in either color. It is the Firewire/USB2 model.^2F%20Enclosure/182/Enclosure%205.25%26quot%3B%20ME-320U2F%20USB2.0^2F1394%20Combo%20(Retail)

It seems some people with problems have a preference for this model, and some mentioned NEC specifically.

I’m not sure what you are saying. Do you have both the Plumax and the one from Akida now? And is the Akida better, working with all three drives, or does it have problems with BenQ and LG? Or is it the Plumax which only works with NEC? Thanks for helping out. :slight_smile:
I tried to follow the big enclosure thread but gave up. :frowning: