Is this blank media good

Ok I no how to find good blank DVD+/-R’s, but when it comes to finding blank CD’s I always some how end up with the crapiest ones. The blank CD’s I usually get always have skips in them after I burn them at the lowest possible speed. Now are these CD’s any good. If they are i’ll buy them. I think they’re because I read teh reviews, but I still have doubts. I have gotten blank DVD’s from these guys ounce and they were awesome DVD’s. But its better to make sure.

I’d go for Verbatim or TY, both of which Shop4tech sell.

Who knows who made those Shop4tech branded ones…

Don’t burn at the lowest possible speed!
“Slower is better” is a MYTH.
Burn at rated speed (Exception: 52x CD-R may perform better at 48x, 40x or 32x. 16x DVDxR may perform better at 12x or 8x.)