Is this bad

ok before i had the G7M9 firmware for my OEM benq 1620 burner
and i burned a 4412mb dvd-r sony 8x at 16x on nero and it finished at 5mins58secs (sorry no screen shot forgot about it) and it was completely quiet where i didn’t hear it spinning at all or burning for that matter
here’s the quality disc score though (i was able to screen shot that)

but now i cross-flashed it to the B7P9 firmware and i burned the same 4412mb dvd-r sony 8x at 16x and it finished at 6mins34secs (big drop in time) and here’s the screen shot

like why did i lose speed, another thing is while it was burning it was really loud i can here it spinning unlike the first time where it was really quiet? what is the cause of that?

i did get a higher quality rating though

but can someone help me on my question why the drop in speeds after the cross-flash to a RETAIL firmware and why is it loud now? should i cross-flash the original firmware i had and am i able to? how would i be able to do that?
sorry for all the questions

lol and can someone help me read these quality scores

do i just look at quality score???

They are pretty bad, try re-scanning at 8x and post your results if you are using Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.61 instead of letting it run at maximum. On the good note your PI Failures are passable even in that state and you have no PO Failures. Like I say, re-scan at 8x. If you get bad results again try re-burning at 12x or 8x and see what results you get, that media is pretty good. You could always try B7T9 as well to see if that improves things.

how about the NOISE issue how come the OEM firmware was super quiet and now with this retail firmware it’s loud?

and what is PI and PO what is that all about and how does that relate to the disc

so does that mean my first disc was a bad burn?

Could be a bad flash, trying flashing your drive with the official BenQ B7L9 as that clears the firmware properly then reflash with the official B7P9. Best to do all that under safe mode. Trying using different burn software as i heard the new nero seems to give higher writing errors for some reason.

ohhh wells i did what u said got better PI error and failure rates then before
but still louder then when i first burned with OEM firmware

but i guess i’ll have to deal with it…atleast now i can burn at 4x DL…