Is this any good?

I am going to buy a new pc I want a high spec one I was thinking of this one.

But I don’t know about the Pentium 4 D?
What do you think?
I need an awnser fast im running out of time. :wink:


Similar to my machine (paid £525 for mine in a local PC shop). I’m quite enjoying my Pentium D.

That’s £585 altogether though. I don’t know if I would pay that much.

If I were you I’d shop around for something cheaper, but that’s my only beef, the rig itself is certainly OK by my standards.

Edit: just noticed the 2 gigs of RAM - in that case, not a bad price :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t go for Pentium D now since it is obsolete
Why don’t you try Core Duo instead it is faster it is a better multitasker and it is cooler

I had a quick look at and came up with this setup.
It’s a bit more expensive but its well worth it.

You get a much faster CPU, better motherboard (Intel chipset instead of VIA), larger HDD and faster, faster video card, much better and quieter PSU (and Case), no floppy and less RAM although its most likey faster than what Arbico offers (its not specified at all).

…and as other said, dont buy Pentium D… its old and slow.

I can dig up some benchmarks if you want to see the difference for CPU and Video card.

Wow…now that’s nice, Danne :iagree:

Yes can you please post some benchmarks thanks.

Ok I think this is good.

Intel Core 2 Duo 6400
Floppy Drive
Dual Layer DVD-RW
300GB SATA Hardrive.
Asus P5VD2-MX Motherboard
256MB NVIDIA 7900GS PCI-EXPRESS Graphics Card.
Silent PSU
Black Jupitor case or white not to sure.

1 Year warranty.

Any thoughts?

well the price it is very good, but u have to know the exact type of ram
IF it is 6400 ddr2 (800 mhz) this is a bargain

My system cost me twice as this one and i don’t think it is twice as good

I bought a similar machine from PC World (they have a sale on) for £499 Pentium Dual Core and it is great also got a 19" Flatscreen Monitor thrown in and we bought a 3-in-1 printer/copier/scanner for £24.99 too. We use mostly for Internet, Games and DVD/CD Burning and speed is great.

The RAM is 533 MHZ. PC4200.

Yes but this one is a Intel Core 2 Duo 40% faster than version 1.

Fair enough but I suppose it depends what you want it for really, ours is spot on and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Well this was the ad for it anyway;-

Advent T9307 Desktop PC + 19" Widescreen TFT Monitor

SAVE £100 ONLY ONLINE on our best value Core 2 Duo powered desktop PC. Featuring a top of the range Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Processor, 1GB DDR RAM, a huge 320GB Hard Drive and a massive 256MB ATi Radeon X1600SE Graphics. Hurry! Offer only available for a limited time!

Sorry - it is Core 2 Duo anyway!

This is true, mine may be the older version, but it’s a damn sight better than the one that recently died on me (1.4gig P4 Willamette) :bigsmile:…heaviest thing I do is maybe a bit of Photoshop and backing up DVDs!

@ashmo - that last one you posted, looks like a nice rig - black case of course :bigsmile:

Warranty doesn’t bother me, I always void mine just after I get the thing :bigsmile:

Thanks thats the one im going for.

MMMMmmmm…make sure you post back to tell us what a beast it is :bigsmile:

Ok I just bought it, it should be arriving in 3 days. :> Fast delivery.

A spanking new PC, just in time for Christmas…lovely :iagree:

Will tell you all how it runs when I get it :>