Is this an okay scan?

i did it with nero, but think am gonna give it a go with ImgBurn next.
Am just wondering, though some say pioneer is not realible for a scan, what you think of this scan?

I see i have a PI peak at 73, will this result in a bad file or something on the dvd?

What else do you think of the scan, is it a keeper?

i just wanna say also that… when burning with nero, the buffer went opp and down like every 5-10 sec. down to almost 0 i think and then to 100… just wondering, cause at end it said burned without any errors… but I thought when buffer went down… it cracked?

I burned an iso file,. what do you guys do when burning data, you pack it all into a iso file, or just burn the files?

I can`t do a jitter scan eiter, would you know why?

Though i didn`t see any buffer underrun protection to set, before burning, is that build in? I have pioneer 110D 1.37

also, i cant seem to do a quality test on nero, anyone know why? The Start button is like grey, so I cant use it.

Because pioneer drives are not supported by cd-dvd speed :frowning:

a few more scans, the readback, seems good.

ah crap… any else prog i can use, cause i would like to see wat “jitter” would say about this cd,

If you want to scan for jitter then you need a burner able to do this. For what I know, only benq and plextor drives have this ability.

However, benq drives are supported by cd-dvd speed, and plextor use plextools (their dedicated software to do scans)

Yes, Pioneer drives don’t support scanning for jitter. That is partly why my DVR-108 is out of my computer. :stuck_out_tongue: And unless you get a BenQ drive, you won’t be able to measure the jitter with CD-DVD Speed. :frowning:

i took the advice from a thread here somewhere, that the instead of doing accuracy when doing scan, do speed, so i did “faster” and actally got a better resultat then previous… go figure

Sorry if I’m wrong, but Pioneer drives are not so reliable for scans :frowning:

Yep, I’ve never trusted Pioneer since my DVR-108. I did not feel I could trust the scans on a mine with DVDInfoPro, and even with that program, I feel CD-DVD Speed gives easier-to-read results, that are easier to understand. For me, the only drives for reliable scanning would be LiteOn, BenQ and Plextor.

what about aopen?

If you are referring to aopen dvd rom, this is a bad idea. Only burners can do reliable scans.

The best scanners currently available are liteon, benq and plextor (non necessarly in this order :wink: )