Is this an abberation?

Everything looks spot on with this scan apart from the wierd PI and PIF max figures? Could it just be a single spike somewhere, probably right at the end or at the very beginning?

@ revhead try this post

yes, remove the spike.

Of course you can’t remove the spike now, since it is a saved picture :slight_smile: . It is at the very front or very back. I think the reader reads an single unwritten block as an error. While the scan is still up in Kprobe, you can right click on the graph and choose ‘delete highest value’, in case you did not know. But rest assured that if you do the math, and subtract 91 from 659, you’ll get 568 total PIF, average should still be 0.04, maybe 0.03…a very nice burn. You can still see the 7 CG3E recalibration spikes of between ~13/~5, all of which should have no effect on the read/play quality. If you rescan, it will probably not reoccur :slight_smile: