Is this acrylic spray good?

I burn on printable discs and heard people spray their discs with acrylic spray
so I went out and bought one. Didn’t find krylon only other ones and this one
was the most adequate, is it good?

and remind me how should I spray so I wont destroy :sad: my discs.

thanks :bow:


I would have thought that would be fine, I would just be careful not to apply to much, maybe one or two “sweeps” across the disk from about 15" away.


is there a special way of spraying?

when spraying from 15’’ should I spray from one side to another and then up to down?
2 sec each transition from side to side?


I would think that acrylic might come loose and peel if you got too much on there (though that sealant might be a litle diffrent than normal acrylic paint). Personally I think I would look for some of the stuff that is designed for photographs. It is designed to go over a printed surface and not come off. it is also designed not to disrupt or alter the color of a printed surface and is avalable in the usaul photo finishes (gloss, high gloss, matte, pearl etc). here is one kind
here are a few more
I have not actually tried them on a cd but I think they would work well (and yea I know they are expensive but they work very well on photos at least).

@ sankapish,

Suggest using an aerosol paint specifically designed for plastic. Krylon Fusion Plastic Paint is an aerosol paint specifically designed to be applied to plastic items.

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I use Patricia Nomick’s from the Arts and Crafts section in Wal-Mart. It is specifically for preserving inkjet prints…