Is this acceptable (Prodisc-made Verbatim MCC004)?

Burned on a LG GSA-H50N drive @ 12X with very high PIF spikes. My initial 18X burn was even worse with small PIF clusters hovering around 12.

Also, is there still a significant quality difference between CMC and Prodisc-made discs?

That’s really quite good. Keep in mind BenQ uses different standards than Lite-on for scanning. The quality score is 94. PIEs are within a good range. Jitter is good.

BTW, 8x is the accepted speed for scanning DVDs, not “Maximum.” Try that. Your results may be even better. :iagree:

Yes, if you use a BenQ for a scanner, use 8x, as larc919 said.

I would imagine the jitter might read better, as MCC004 usually will have max jitter ~ 9.5%. It’s also possible some of the PIF spike heights might improve as well.

As for the quality difference between CMC/Prodisc made Verbatim, it seems relative in difference–some people got really good results from Prodisc on a certain burner, while others used CMC on a certain burner and got stellar results. I’ve got both kinds and get about the same result on my BenQ 1640 burner. In my experience the CMC PAPA serials seem to be better on my 1640 than the Prodisc batch, but that said, the difference isn’t stellar, albeit noticable.

Also, scanning on a BenQ, one tech guru @ CDF suggests the max PIF spike height for an ‘acceptable’ disk scan would be 12. Also remember that if you burn 16x media faster than 16x (@ 18x as you listed), don’t be surprised if your results don’t look good, as I’m not totally convinced all 16x burners ever got burned 16x media @ 16x down to a fine science.

Looks like a great burn to me. BenQ scan with higher PIF because they’re 8ECC scanners or something like that. Don’t worry because I wouldn’t even care about getting a single PIF spike of 10 in a liteon, let alone a BenQ. Single PIF spikes by themselves shouldn’t cause big problems. Doing a Transfer Rate Test is a good way to see if PIF spikes affect readability.

EDIT: He used 8x scanning guys. Open your eyes lol.

They said to use 8x, because it’s set to Maximum, they didn’t look @ current disc read speed. (benQ is pretty lame there, cant scan @16x LOL)

Now that I see the speed readout, it does say 8.37x as the end speed. However, it is normally set at “8X” under “Settings” and Speed, so it’s an honest mistake. :stuck_out_tongue:

A PIF spike of 1 on a Lite-On is about the same as 4 on the BenQ