Is this about average?

PX716SA fw 1.08 Scanned On BenQ 1620 B7V9 ala42 speedpatched
Told to burn @12x, but you’ll see the speed it wrote in on the first pic.
Sony DVD+R MIJ $19.99 Best Buy this week :slight_smile: Rule of thumb, as I found today. Dark grey foam ring(made in Taiwan) on top of first dvd is gonna be SonyD11. Light foam ring(made in Japan) on top of first disc is gonna be TY02. Little FYI.

Looks like a better than average burn to me. Max PIE 9 Max PIF 6 @ ECC 8 and the jitter is not bad, I normaly get >11 to 12% jitter when I scan a Plex burn on my BenQ. Remember the write speed only hits the set maximum speed at the end of the burn so it probably got to 12x or close.:wink:

thanks crossg, I guess my BenQ 1620 just likes TY02’s better than my plex. Usually get 99%'s with that drive @12x. I can’t complain, I love both of my drives. :stuck_out_tongue:

xtw1ster, looks like the PoweRec slowdown your burn to 8x. If the drive really burn @12x, it will hit 12x at 2.7GB or about 60%. Really nice burn btw.

Thanks Zevia. Here’s same media Burnt @12x with BenQ 1620 B7V9 ala42 speedpatched. Scanned with PX716SA.

edit: The first pic is PIE, i had switched to Sum1 when i took the screenshot

Yep zevia you are right I was thinking about 16x for some reason. Thanks for correcting me. Sorry xtwister (Brain Fart). I will go stand in the corner now.:bigsmile: