Is this a Windows only place?

Man – I could really help out with Linux. If any of you are growing tired of the restrictions and expense of Windows and ancillary software - and are rightfully afraid of what’s coming –

Just ask me about Linux and I’ll help you out. Really. I do it for $$ and I sell boxes, but info is free. At least in my book.

Let me tell you something, ripping/copying DVD’s in Linux is trivially easy.

dvdbackup -F -i/dev/dvd -o/mnt/vault

RIPPED! How tough was that?

I hope I’m not overstepping my bounds here - I’m new to this forum, but I’m not what you’d call a n00b. Anyway - If anyone is innerested - PM or email me or whatever. Skype me - machiner.

That’s all - if your ready, I’m available to assist.

rock on


this isn’t a windows-only forum, but from what i understand (i don’t use linux myself), there are very few transcoding options available for linux, so the bulk of what gets discussed here is about windows. you’re free to discuss backup solutions for whatever OS you want, and i’ve seen a few linux questions pop up in the past.

There are actually a few: mencoder, dvd::rip, being the most popular.
These solutions take hours, however - just to get a dvd to a cd-rom in your choice of codec.

Whereas I can see people wanting to transcode to burn to a disc - the price or dvd-5, 8x media in USA is about $0.45 - $0.65 per. Pretty damned cheap.

There is also WINE emulation. dvddecrypter works fine emulatred through WINE in Linux - although I don’t use it. dvd shrink works, which I do use to make an .iso of my ripped dvd’s. But these are not necessary.

All of the dvd ripping programs that windows users have been using are made from free (open source) linux utilities. That oughta tell you something.

Anyway, on my debian box it takes about 14 minutes to rip, make .iso, and then burn (slowest part) a flick. It takes considerably longer (about 35-50 mins) if the entire dvd is ripped, I like just the title because I’m not about to sit through a freakin ad or 9 previews – and be prevented from getting right to the menu.

When I pop a copy I made of one of my dvds into my player - the movie begins right away. Cool.

Anyway this tutorial explains an easy way to complete this task. Yeah - it’s mine.

I’m getting away from using dvd shrink as mkisofs is beginning to like the way I type; so, 2 commands from me and a quick burn and I didn’t fart around for an hour or more to accomplish what I wanted to.

Anyway - I thought the general population of this and other sites like it were too smart to keep using Windows. What gives?


scary stuff

That scary stuff was soooooo funny!!!

I am getting a Linux machine setup using an old 600mhz system that I have will this work for backing up dvd’s using Linux?

You thought that was funny? What are you 15? No - take that back - I would’ve known how scary that was at 15 – what are you 9?


To answer your other question, yeah, sure - but you best not load a GUI with that.

what’s with the “scary stuff” ?

Otherwise known as mild Paranoia. Its been circling the web for some time, good for a laugh though.

If you ask youreslf - “Am I too paranoid?” The answer is always - NO - you’re not paranoid enough.

Back to topic - Linux and dvd’s.

Alright. What about ripping a dvd game? Strange concept, but here is my predicement:

My sister is on her way with San Andreas for PC, and I have my laptop with linux and a dvd rom drive and my desktop with windows and no dvd rom drive. I want to make an image of the disc and send it on over to the windows machine to play with daemon tools. Will I have any success?

Can linux dump an image of the DVD and keep all the stuff that the copy protection needs to play the game?

Daemon tools hasn’t been updated since august of last year and SA uses securom 7. Is this going to be a problem?

Before someone tells me to spend 20-30 bucks on a dvd rom, I must admit that I spent my last 50 on the game.

Perhaps asking is premature, since I don’t even have the game in my hands yet, but hopefully I can get some advice before I start.


this is a dvd movie copying subforum (hence the “Copy DVD Movie” subforum name). there are other subforums here that are more appropriate for the questions you’re asking.

So, umm… I have a question, Mr. Linux-guy!

Will your amazing command line tool rip Arccos? I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess not, right? Or maybe you have to get a new version, download it, compile it, then figure out how to get it all configurificated, right?

I love Linux as much as the next geek, but let’s not pretend that somehow overnight it got easier. If what comes with the OS works for you, great. If not, the learning curve is pretty steep unless (like some of us) you already know how to:

  • Work with configuration and make files.
  • Compile a program.
  • Use the command line extensively.

Not to mention that sometimes a new program requires a kernel update. Yikes! I think that this is an ok solution for geeks, but for the casual user… not so much, eh?

You’re kidding me, right? I had an eloquent post already type here for you but then I thought, “To what end?” so I deleted it.

You have trouble socially? Maybe you could cool-out, get a little grip there, and start again. Whaddya say?


Please listen to the moderator. If you want to start a “My OS is better because…” argument here, you’re in the wrong place. Have a nice day.

What are you talking (writing) about? …no one is starting any my OS is better…did you just need another post to add to your count?

sheesh…well, this thread slipped into complete crap…


I think you lost it there machiner. While both OS’s have there Pro’s and Con’s in reality the world of ‘All Things Free’ and ‘Utopian Ideals’ is fantasy. I need a roof over my familys head and food in their mouths.


Have you found an operating system with such a diverse and stable set of programmes available as Windows? Great! I’m sure we’ll be all glad to learn from it.
We’d all love to live in an utopian world where all the most useful applications and utilities run on Linux - being free - but that clearly is not the case.
Get back to me when you feel different. :wink:



addendum: pollushon, your remark about family matters needs to be made sticky in my utterly humble opinion of course :bigsmile:

Are you people kidding me?

I started this thread to help people copy their dvd’s in Linux. However it’s deterioriated into a thread about Linux vs Windows, like every other time either is mentioned.

I’ll tell you something, so you don’t think I’m just some schmuck kid all caught up in the “alternative” nonesense or geewhiz factor of anything not Microsoft.

Let me begin by prefacing that I agree with you folks about Operating SYstem utopia; there is none, but please refrain from any future attempts to put words in my mouth…if you din’t like alternatives to Windows than terrific, you stick with what you’ve got. If you want to copy/rip/burn dvds in Linux than I can help.

Yeah, I made a comment about people being savy enough to ditch Windows – I stand by it. People that continue to use WIndows do so for whatever reason – but know this - I supported that rag-bag of band-aids for 7 years – I think I know a little about what I’m saying – and to the poster that says he has to “put food on the table” terific…keep on keeping on – do you feel the need to justify your wearing of a Hawaiian shirt if someone remarks that they don’t like it?? Are you really that insecure?

Psychologically speaking - to defend something known to be sub-standard requires a level of agreement to someone’s original statement. For example - If I said “windows sucks for whatever reason” and you got steamed (damned zealots) and argued with me, I already know that you agree at least somewhat with my assertion. WHy the hell else would you argue with it…it’s not your creation - it’s a tool you use.

The other side of the argument is you become personally offended by said remarks denegrating your choice of “tool” - you feel the need to argue your choice. Fine - do what you do.

WHat makes you think that I care at all what OS you use? You’re free to be as sheepish-consumer as you like - woohoo! I’m here to help people accomplish 1 specific task in a specific operating system. Why are you even in this thread if your intention is not to copy dvd’s in Linux?

I think you lost it there machiner. While both OS’s have there [sic] Pro’s and Con’s in reality the world of ‘All Things Free’ and ‘Utopian Ideals’ is fantasy. I need a roof over my familys head and food in their mouths.

What does that really mean? Care to elaborate about how I’ve lost it - or how you need a roof and food? Is your statement a lame and empty attempt to assert a position that open-source is not a viable commerce model? If so – than start a new thread and prepare to learn something – if no, than you make absolutely no sense. Can we please at least read each other’s posts and understand them first before spouting off…I really don’t care to contribute to another forum that is louder than insightful or coherent. Really.

Here’s another AYFKM post…

Have you found an operating system with such a diverse and stable set of programmes available as Windows? Great! I’m sure we’ll be all glad to learn from it.
We’d all love to live in an utopian world where all the most useful applications and utilities run on Linux - being free - but that clearly is not the case.
Get back to me when you feel different.

Yeah – I have, it’s called Debian Linux. You like Windows - great. Stick with Windows. Typical computer users have no business operating an OS that requires any level of thought or acceptance to common ideas and standardizations that are beneficial for the greater computing community. That said - I repeat yeah – I have. But it’s not for you so I won’t be getting back to you.

Your second paraagraph is just rediculous.

I won’t discuss operating systems in this thread any further - if any would like to have a real and honest debate comparing 2 os’s, we’ll say Windows (pick your version) and Linux (Debian) than start a thread and bring it on. I promise you - if you’re not just some fanboy and actually think for yourself - you will see clearly that a marketing company has no business hawking an operating system.

OK – Can we please get back to copying movies in Linux?

Are you Serious? You practically called us the opposite of ‘Too Smart’ Because some of us probably cant be bothered with Linux. Free is not a a viable Commerce Model think about it…‘Free Commerce’, thats as laughable as ‘Military Intelligence’. Now dont get me wrong, yea my opinion of your politics has dropped somewhat since your last post, I’m not a Windows Fanboy I wish there were more choice of Tools, but the fact is: it works, its not ridiculously overpriced, I’m Certified to use the M$ products which = Roof over my head and Food in my mouth(and cost me a friggin fortune)to Answer the ‘Lame and Empty’ Comment. Can you convince me machiner that Linux and associated Software could look after the Network I administer? 28,000 Users, 16,000 Security Groups/Shares, 4,000 Resource Mailboxes and Distribution Lists, 120 Domain Controllers etc…Can you convince me I should have done an LCSE not an MCSE? Linux is great for a play a chance to learn and experiment and feel like you’ve accomplished something, but commercially its a nice pipe dream, maybe in the future who knows?

I reiterate - can your free Linux ripping tool rip Arccos? I haven’t seen anything other than DVDDecrypter and AnyDVD (and potentially a couple of the up-and-comers) that can.

Please note that I maintain a Linux box in my closet. We’re not saying it isn’t a great OS. It’s just not for the average user who, let’s be honest, is too stupid to click “no” on the “can I please install some spyware on your PC” dialogue boxes that come with most programs.

I have no free linux ripping tool, I’m not a programmer. I simply use what’s available to me. Can I help you with movies or not? I have no idea what Arccos is - you have a Linux box. Try it and see.