Is this a way to get past Safedisc?

Umm…what if, lets use Fifa 2003 Disc 2 as an example, what if I copied all the contents from the orginal CD onto a folder on my computer, then took out the Safedisc 2 files:
from the folder, then put this whole folder on a blank CD, would the CD work?


I copied the contents of the Fifa 2003 Disc 2 onto a folder on my computer and then copied and pasted a patch from Then I put it on a blank CD. Would that work?

BTW im asking first because I’ve only got 2 blank CD’s left and don’t want to waste them…also, I had a Sony CRX700E.

That wont work.

[b]from Daemon Tools 1:1 copy
Many (most??) people don’t have a clue what a 1:1 copy means so I guess it’s time I clear some things up. First some general explanations to (hopefully) make you understand why a 1:1 copy is ESSENTIAL when it comes to burning protected CDs. The most important thing to know is that a CD contains A LOT more information than just the files and directories. For example:

Lead In/Lead Out (Lead In stores CD structure, Lead Out is mainly to let the CDROM know where the CD ends)
CD subchannel (storing e.g. CD Text, Text and synchro data on Karaoke CDs and is used for several copy protections)
This is also the reason why the CD size shown in Windows Explorer (or any other file manager) and the size of an image done by a burning program ALWAYS differ. The image is always bigger in size as it contains many more data than just the files. In an extreme case this difference can be 600 MB (german game called “Frank Busemann Zehnkampf” - the actual game files are about 30 or 40 MB, the rest of the CD are unreadable sectors).

A 1:1 copy simply means to use the “CD COPY”-option of a burning program, preferrably one of the programs listed here! This means the burning program reads the CD sector by sector and burns it the same way. The opposite would be a file copy (can NEVER be a 1:1 copy!!!) where just all files are read and then stored on CD. This way the files would probably not even be in the same place (means in another sector range) as on the original CD. It would be very easy to identify such a CD as a copy! And copy protections have MUCH more options to identify a copy - I hope you now see why just copying files from CD to HD and then burning them or ‘drag ‘n’ drop’ in a burning program will extremly seldom produce a running copy of a copy protected CD.[/b]

Why not?

Originally posted by om33
Why not?
Did you read my post?
Simply dragging and dropping the contents of your CD to hard drive will not produce working 1:1 copies of copy protected games. As the earlier quote explains.

why not buy a lite-ON and read through safedisk with ease!

I have a laptop!

Then buy a external 2-sheep writer. :slight_smile:

But external CD-Writers are much more expensive than internal ones! :s

Then you don’t have a chanche. Sorry.

I have an old Desktop computer, except it’s specs are:
Pentium II 233MHz

If I bought an internal Liteon Rewritable CD Drive from PC World (click the link to see it)
, would I be able to put this drive into my old computer to copy Safedisc 2 protected games? I have no experience in installing internal CD-drives :s is it difficult?

Sorry…that link isn’t working but if you go to and then on the left menu, scroll on
‘CD-Rom and DVD Drives’

,you’ll see what I’m talking about :slight_smile: