Is this a problem

I bought an external dvd burner for my new laptop and when i plug it in i get a message in the tray saying. “Hi speed usb device plugged into a non hi speed usb hub” says it will function at reduced speed but i must add a hi speed USB host controller to obtain maximum performance

Should i take this unit back and buy one with a firewire instead? Although they didnt have any with firewire, i might have to get one online.

Well, do you have a firewire port on your laptop? 'cause there’s no point in getting an ext. drive that uses firewire when your laptop doesn’t have the port, just the same as buying an ex.t drive that uses USB 2.0 when your laptop doesn’t have the USB 2.0 port.

yes it does have a firewire port.

Does your laptop have usb 1.1 or 2.0?

Check BIOS settings. You probably have it set to lower USb 1.1 speed when it can do USB 2.0 speed and Windows prompts you of this in that notification balloon popup. This happened to me. Its not the purpose of the popup but it helps you by knowing there is a setting set wrong and that the board can go higher.