Is this a Liteon? A new 48X burner for under 65 quid! A bargain.

I take it no one knows then?

No its not, it clearly says there Traxdata.


It looks exactly like my x48 liteon except for the stickers. Hope thats what you wanted to hear

TraxDate doesn’t make their own drives and they just take drives from other manufacturers and put their name on it. As this drive has Smartburn listed as a feature, it is very likely to be a Lite-On indeed. You can be 99,9% sure about that.

Actually you can be 100% certain that it is a Lite-ON. :slight_smile:

Alam your answer was so funny i nearly fell off the floor laughing.

Thank you everyone, thank you very much. I do not need the drive for its SD2 facilitys as i dont back up items that use that product (although it might be usefull in the future if this feature is present), i do however own a Liteon and i have never had an ounce of trouble with it and the rebadged Traxdata is nearly £20 cheaper than the equivelant Liteon! Thank you once again :slight_smile: I know the Smartburn was a give away but it wasnt beyond the relms of possibility for Liteon to licence the technology was it?

Edit, it gets better, the drive has dropped below £59

And I thought Lite-On where cheap… :slight_smile:

It says SmartBurn so it must be a Liteon :slight_smile:

ok ok my fault didn’t look at the small pic, yes i admit it does look my litey too, for that price, all i can say is go for it.


:o I thought you was having a laugh mate LOL