Is this a keeper? reading is okay, but the scan?

the scan, though a pioneer scan, do show a spike and slowly falling down, but a keeper?

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes, it’s a keeper. MCC 03RG20 does tend to have high PIE, in a pattern like that. Does vary from DVDRW to DVDRW of course. PIF if reported would probably be quite respectable as quality score is good. Do you have another drive for scanning, if so try it & see what results you get. If not generally speaking a smooth transfer rate implies a good recording.

i have only pioneers, which ive been told i cant trust, heh, but it do give an indication though.

btw, whatz up with that spike and slowly going down?

Hi :slight_smile:
To give you an idea, I’ve just created a data disc (I usually use my 110 as a source drive when backingup ). Then used CD/DVDSpeed via my 1640 to give you an idea of how your scans might look using the Pioneer/MCC 03RG20 combination. Note how close the quality score is to yours. Write 12x max.

ok, so the spike on the burn, dosent meanthat something went wrong under burning then?

can the scandisk on nero be trusted alsO?

:confused: hmm, just noticed, you got a very small amount of PI`s… why do I have so many