Is This a Hardware Problem?


Im having a problem with my Sony DDU 1621 in relation to recording/ripping, in that it gives endless read errors (or just stops working) on DVD 9s, no matter what ripper i use (Smartripper, DVD Decrypter both)

It seems to be brought on , only durring decryption, BUT , i think it is probably a hardware problem and here is what/how/why:


The reason why i think this is a hardware problem (as opposed to a Decrytpion software problem)…

Im able to Rip DVD5’s just fine. I’ve done it with 3 different DVD 5s and it works fine with the Sony.

I can take thoes same DVD 9’s that im having trouble with, use the SAME SOFTWARE and rip them with my Plextor 708A (albeit at a slow as hell rip speed as it maxes out at 2X) and they work fine.

Usually what happens is i get one of two errors (ONLY with DVD9s)

  1. Read Errors Galore. I’ve set the software to ignore read erros, but all that happens is that it just stops ripping completely, without bothering to list off all the zillions (50+ every time) of read errors. At any rate the drive eventually just stops ripping.


  1. “Error reading drive” I dont get this one very much bit it does happen.

I’ve made sure that DMA is enabled on all drives. I have the newest firmware on the Sony that is available via their website. All of my DVDs are near brand new , only one of them have i watched more than one time, but i’ve cleaned them all with glass cleaner and they are virtually scratch free.

I’ve had NO problems with this drive durring the normal operation of the year i’ve had it, and it seems to only have problems ripping DVD 9s ?

Is this a common problem? Anyone hear of this before?

Well there is another possibility that the version of firmware you currently use is faulty, so you might want to try a different version of firmware from the following link:

Given that DDU-1621 is an OEM model by BTC, I would not be surprised if it’s either a faulty optical pickup head or a faulty firmware issue.

In the meantime, you could enable the SpeedRead feature on your Plextor 708A by pushing the eject button for 3 seconds before placing any disc in the burner, this feature works only for each session but will increase the rip speed up to 8X for dual layer DVD-Video discs.

wow thanks for the tips! I’ll try em out once this gladiador encode finishes (first one i’ve done) crosses fingers lol