Is this a good upscaling DVD player?

In the end, reliability is better than slight improvement of image quality. I say this because I hate the hassle of replacing broken devices. That being said, I would sill like to get the most from my DVDs. I have no intention to switch to bluray. I know that DVDs will never compare to HD, but I have a 720p plasma and if I can take a 480p/i DVD, enhance it to use more of my TV than say a 5 year old DVD player would, then awesome…

Also, in addition to being reliable, I’d love something that is quiet… It will be quite close to me, so less noise is good.

Thanks a bunch, your knowledge is greatly appreciated.

A $50 upscale player from SONY? I would like to read more reviews.

Get it!
At first I thought your were linking this years full sized Sony(can’t remember the model number) in which case I was going to tell you to forget it. This years Sony is [I]cheap[/I] in both built features and overall quality. Last years 700 (which I own) isn’t probably as good build quality as my prior years Sonys but it’s still quite acceptable. My prior Sonys were over $100 while my 700 was purchased about a year ago for $69 on a great sale. Under $50 is a [I]steal[/I] and if I didn’t already have so many players I’d probably grab one myself.
I’ve had zero problems with my 700(or any of my other 5 Sony players) and it has the missing features that are lacking on the current Sonys. IMO the 700 was probably the last decent Sony player made, my guess is they’ll only get worse as time goes by. Sony is spending very little time on it’s standard def DVD players, instead they’re pushing the BR market and the regular DVD players are just a after thought.

My favorite features on Sony players are [I]disc resume[/I] where it remembers the last 6 DVDs and where you left off, [I]speed play[/I] which allows anywhere from .6 to 1.4x with good sound, ability to display on the unit (without also being OSD) elapsed title and chapter, eject on remote, universal remote that will control your TVs volume and ON/Off, to mention a few of my favorite Sony features. The upconverting quality (to 1080p) is also quite good. Probably not as good as a Oppo but for less than $100 is looks very good IMO, probably the best of my Sony players. I have a 46" Sony 1080p LCD and the HDMI control works very cool, note the HDMI control with Sony players also works with a Panasonic TV I have, not sure what other brands are compatible though.

edit: I think it’s the 710 that I didn’t care about, I see it’s $65 in your link, get the 700, it’s better IMO.
Do you know how if shipping is included or if not how much shipping is? I’m thinking for less than $50 I probably can’t go wrong, I could replace one of my [I]non[/I] upconverters:o I’ve never bought from Amazon but I assume they’re good.

Is this a good upscaling DVD player?

The link you posted has [B]173 reviews[/B] from owners/users of the product. Start reading.