Is this a good test?

I´ve tested a Ridata Colorful (black) CD 40x

C2 errors were detected but only when the speed was over 40x. Considering that this CD was designed to work up to this speed (am i right?) i think this may be a very tood test.

As I don´t understand very much about cd testing, and i´m starting to learn basic things… i would like to know what do you think about the results and if it´s right what i said above. thanks.

This test is showing very bad quality at the end of the disc. There should be no C2 errors present on a good burn.

Try re-scanning your disc at a lower speed such as 32x. If you still get a lot of C2 errors at the end, then you should definitely change something about the way you burn CDs; either burn at a lower speed, or get some other CD-R media.