Is this a good test result?

i upgraded my 451S to a 851S with the gc02 firmware and i download kprobe2 and i ran some sort of test i have no clue what i did but here is what came out. the media that i used was Maxell DVD+R

here is another one please tell me if this is good.

No, that’s a bad scan.

huh why whats wrong?


First you should never scan at max always scan at 4x now for the level

max pi should never go past 280 and max po should never go past 4. as you see your max po is over 10 times to high. the last part of the scan could very well mean its coaster.

so the that i updated to a 8x burner with the firmware wasnt even worth it since i can only go at 4x??

Scanning at 4x means reading back the disc at 4x. 4x is the accepted speed so that results can be compared properly. You can burn at whatever peed you want to. You definately need to do some reading about what KProbe is and is not. the Media forum is a good place to start.


your confusing burn speed with scan speed, you always scan with kprobe at 4x 8ecc/1ecc your kprobe is set to max thats big no no our get bad results, you need to correct the kprobe setup and rescan then the level should not go over 280 pi and 4 po for good burn single spikes dont count. we are looking at the top of the graph for the max level in the last kp the pi max from the graph was 140 and the po max was 55. po max should not be over 4.0 so you see its bad scan but you scanned at max so level are meaningless once you scan at 4x you can read them as stated above

k here id id the test again and tell me is it good now. iam getting a movie file from my camera into the pc so i dont know if that affects it. here is a screen.


thats not just good burn thats wonderful burn as i noted before spikes dont count so as you see the level of pi max is < 10 and the level of po max is < = 4 thats well with in the normal range for good to wonderful burns.

So I guess scanning at 4x changed things a bit (makes sense, as with Max, you’re approaching 8x speeds towards the end, and higher reading speeds generally means more errors are detected).

In the future, please do not attach a screenshot. In the top toolbar, there is a save button (the disk). Save the scan as a PNG file and post that instead. Not only will it look neater, but the use of PNG results in a sharper image and also smaller filesize.

so ur saying iam save to go burn a home made movie now with that dvd+r at 8x?


Of course, it won’t hurt to test the resulting burn in another drive just to double-check and get a second opinion.

what do u mean to test in another drive?
also u guys were saying i should set it at 4x scan, and i did that but do i have to do something like that on Nero as well?

Like test the disc in a DVD-ROM drive to see if it reads okay. Like I said, it’s a “second opinion.”

You still seem to be confusing reading speed with writing speed. Nero is a burner. You can set the speed there to 8x if you want. KProbe is an error scanner… it doesn’t burn–it reads. All that we’re saying is that you can burn at whatever speed you want, but if you are going to analyze the results, you should be reading the resulting disc at 4x. So no, there is nothing special that you should be doing in the burn process.

alright thx a lot i appriciate this help a lot.