Is this a good scan?

Its burnt on my sony and its verbatim

Yep that’s fine. You can change the settings in CD-DVD Speed to do a full speed transfer test up to 16x.

What speed did you burn at? 12x is a good speed for these disks.

8x dvd +r verbatim 004

Try upping it to 12x, assuming the Sony is a 16x burner.

The Sony is a 3S Litey. Burning at 12x may improve performance. :slight_smile:

Will do ive burnt in 12x and im gona scan right now

Is the quality of the scan above…bad :sad:

No it is not bad, it is good as TimC has told you. The PIE is a little high but that is not bad at all.:clap:

Ooh this scan sucks…aw…Do i haveto reburn?
burned att 12x

What does that mean High PIE,i mean what happens if you have a high PIE… what is not god about high pie

6X burn speed will give you the best result with this combination drive+discs. I would update to KYS4 firmware from here:

PIE = PI Errors, shown in light blue on the scan. As with all errors, less is better. :slight_smile:

No you don’t have to re-burn, whlist not as good as 8x it’s still in the OK category. I’d accept it.

Take Cressida’s advice , update the firmware & burn at 6x.

Ok so how long will the disc last…1 year 2 years??
and what will the problem be whit the disc whit high PIE…data loss??

Butt this one sucks…its just getting worse

Zoltan, take it easy :wink: . All of your burns are perfectly good and will probably outlast you if they are stored properly in a cool, dry and dark place. There’s absolutely no need to fear any data loss.

You are comparing different discs now, MCC 03RG20 vs. MCC 004. If you’re looking for the prettiest scans, stick with MCC 004.

Firmware is typically updated to improve burning performance and to include support for new disc types. If you click on the link in my previous post, you will see a link to KYS4 for downloading. Unzip the download, remove any discs from the drive and run the flasher. Reboot the PC when asked and you’re done. :slight_smile:

Then wye do people want a perfect scan?? ther must be a downside to a bad scan right?

Uh, looks nice enough to me :wink:

Yeah maby now butt what dose it look like in say a year…

How are we meant to know that :confused: You’re scans are good, and only by testing the disc later on can you tell how long it will last. Some badly burned discs last, some degrade quickly - it depends on many factors.

Yup :iagree:

If you’re really worried, scan them every six months or so. I do this as a matter of course.