Is this a good scan?



Ok I know you all are probably sick of this question hehe but I just want to make sure this is a good scan as I am still kind of a newbie to dvd burning. I know the quality rating is good but are the total PI errors too high? I copied a dvd with dvd shrink and burned it to this TY DVD-R at 12x. It only took 6 min. 20 seconds from lead in to finish by the way which is pretty darn fast.


see the part where it says quality score???.. :wink:

it dosn’t get much better then that… :bigsmile:


some might say jitter is a bit high (>6-8%) but i wouldn’t worry too much about that. nice burn/scan!


What happens if jitter is too high? All my burned discs always have close to 10% average jitter.


jitter (as represented in the CD/DVD DQT) is the percent the lands & pits as burned deviate from the determined standards. if jitter is too high, it can result in read errors. a lot depends on the reader. 10% isn’t too far out of spec so like i said, you should be fine.


it is very rare to see a burn at 12x or 16x that is less than 9.5% avg jitter. i don’t think i have ever seen a burn at these speeds at less than 8% avg jitter . as long as my avg jitter is less then 10 and my max less then 12 i concider it a good burn.


I haven’t even seen any effect even on burns that a max jitter over 12. If you are getting burns like that you have nothing to worry about. Perfectionist only exist in the BenQ forum, I swear (I’m guilty of that as well!). :wink: