Is this a good scan lite on burner

Rip and burn on the fly with nero record 16x The complete First Season of SpongeBob

Try running a TRT in CD-DVD Speed for a bit then running the scan again, might eliminate the spike at the beginning.

Even so PIF ar a bit high (max should be 4, though your max of 97 is probably due to the spike at the beginning)…I’d try burning at 12x and see how you go. :slight_smile:

Personally I don’t do on-the-fly burning, but that’s just me.

It is not too bad, but I have seen better. Try scanning at 4x to
see if it gets rid of the nasty PIF spike at the beginning.

Does on-the-fly mean that ripping, encoding and burning are
all done at the same time? That would result in a very slow
burn speed.

I would have thought that as well, but I just noticed the OP said 16x :confused:

Hopefully it does the encoding and any other processing first
and then burns the disc at at reasonable speed.

I have a stand-alone DVD recorder that records TV
in real time. The discs always give lousy scan results.
Modern 16x media doesn’t seem to work well at
1x recording speeds.

Sorry tjajm. Starting to wander off-topic :o

as it has already been said before try doing a scan with CD-DVD Speed at 4x and one thing to
watch for is the LED on the front of the burner when doing a quality scan. If the LED stays on
at the beginning of the quality scan or during the complete scan you will get those ridiculously
high spikes at the start of the scan. My 20A1P and 20A1S are both very notorious for the LED
staying on during the whole scan most of the time and I get those ridiculously high spikes, that
is why I just use my 160P6S for scanning 99% of the time because it never has the LED problem. :wink:

No its burning and ripping at the same time actual time for this rip and burn was 30 mins when i did it to hard drive first it took 27 mins, burn took 6 mins the advandage of on the fly is as follows when i did pirates of the ciribbean usin fab platium 3125 it rip and burn fine when i went to play it on my home dvd player it started then shut down i restarted and it played fine did not have that problem with on the fly ripping and burning.