Is this a good scan? Lite-On 451@851 drive

greetings all.
since I’m completely new to most of this stuff
is the scan of the disc I created and wrote at 8x speeds good or bad?
First time I’ve flashed a drive and so far it looks/acts like it worked :slight_smile:

or if there is a thread with more relevant information/pics to compare to - LMK :bigsmile:

thank you

You need to set the scan speed to 4x, which is the cdfreaks standard for comparison. Scan it again at this speed and show us the result.

BTW: To save and attach a KProbe scan:
After the scan is complete, click the small diskette button on the toolbar and at the save as dialog select a file type of .PNG. Attach the saved file to your post by using the “Manage Attachments” button in the “postreply”, “Go Advanced” or “Quotepost” mode.

here ya go C0deKing.
re-ran the test at 4x speed and saved it.

LMK what ya think :slight_smile:
did I do good for a first timer?

Never mind