Is this a good firmware/media combination for a 3540a drive?


I have a NEC 3540a drive coming today and I have the following questions:

  1. I’m wondering if I should flash to Liggy’s 1.01e firmware or Dee’s 1.W5 firmware. Most of the improvements I care about seem to be available in the 1.01e firmeware. Is the 1.W5 mainly a speed improvement? Is there any difference in burn quality between the firmware?

  2. What is some good media for this drive? Many of the faqs say to ask in the drive forum but I couldn’t find much info to this question. I’m in the US and Verbatim seems to be the best brand. Is there a specific line of Verbatim discs that is the best or a specific line to stay away from?

Sorry for a noob questions and thanks for any responses!

I have been having good scans with 3540 most people have been having very medicore results I have tried offical 101, liggy’s 101e dee’s 1.w4 & 1.w5 with the latter being the best see I have several scans posted but the results I got were with unbranded TYG02@12x tried T02 also but I get much better results with -r TY. If you look at some of the other scans of the 3540 this is the only media that performs well. The 3540 needs some serious firmware tweeking to get results like say benq 1620, it seems cheap media is not burning well with the 3540 but I trust sometime soon there will excellent firmware for this drive.I always get best results with T.Y. #1 and Verbatim #2 do not use any other media but these 2 with any brand drive

thanks for the reply. Sounds like I’ll give the 1.w5 firmware a shot.

As far as the brands go I’ll try to stick to TY and Verbatim but does DVD+R or DVD-R work better on the NEC 3540a? I read the review here on cdfreaks and it sounds like both burn well…so does it matter? Is one better than the other?


Hi :slight_smile:
DVD+R or DVD-R that is the question Whether tis nob*** sorry that Shakespeare guy gets everywhere
In answer to your question there is no answer diferrent drives / media vary on the whole most would opt for DVD-R But with f/w like Liggy & Dee’s 1.W5( :bow: :bow: :bow: )you have bitsetting so DVD+R can be set to DVD Rom
This means you shop on price / availability regardless of + or -
But do experiment for yourself

btw I am having better scans with -r than +r with my 3540 for right now

Hi :slight_smile:
I agree personally but change the media &/or the f/w & you may get opposite result
That’s why I suggest experiment & get the most out of what’s available

i only burn +r. using 1w4 firmware, my 3540 loves the mcc +r’s. both mcc03 and mcc04.

I’m using 101e from liggy. Mostly because my burning programs use de the max burn speed setting and I don’t want to overspeed my burns.

I’m to lacey to change the setting every time I use a different kind of media :slight_smile:

(i’m only using +R btw, and getting great results with mcc003)