Is this a good drive?

I’ve never heard of the “SL” model… and can’t really find anything on it. Did they perhaps mislabel it on thier website?

I’m going to recommend this drive to friend who bought a repackaged LG-4161B (really crappy) and would like to see what the response is.


SL seems to imply silver.

If you want a beige or black one much cheaper check out newegg. I didn’t notice if they had silver or not.


Well duh, thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t think of that at all. From limited reading, it seems this drive isn’t as good as a 3500, but I have to assume it would be a lot better than the nuttered GA-4161b?

Well, that would be option but we’ll need a for that. :wink:
Also, the friend in question wants to be burning dvds like yesterday, and shipping in Canada generally sucks.

Thanks for the input. Goes to look for reviews