Is This A Good Burn

Hello Everybody

Would like some input on this if you don’t mind, I Would like to know if this is a good burn or not all of my backup’s come out like this.
No problem with playback and the Quality of the picture and sound are great.



It seems that your drive is not supported to do scans.

Try to use latest version of cd-dvd speed (click on link to get it), but probably your drive is not supported at all :frowning:

Do you have another burner to put the disk in and run the test? My LG H22N won’t work with Speed either, so I tried running the test on my copy using my Lite-On and Boom, it worked. I got all the info I was looking for. Let us know ~ Mike

So I guess my HP 740e and 740b don’t scan :frowning:

What is the best burner that gives a good scan :confused:


If someone has some extra time to post, it would be nice to see what a good burn looks like in CD/DVD Speed.


Hi Fred,

Be glad to, but in a rush right now. Just an FYI, if you go on over to the
Optical Drives forum on cdf, you’ll find a variety of threads devoted to scans…both specific drives as well as more general stuff. When I get a chance, I"ll be glad to give you more specifics if you still need more info.

Hi ya’ll, wanted to let you know that I’m in the process of scanning a movie I just backed up ok. I’ll be back shortly with the results. I sure hope it’s good,LOL. Wouldn’t that be embarressing if it wasn’t good ? Oh well, be back soon. ~ Mike

Ok, I did a scan of Fly Boys. I believe this it a pretty good scan too. A 95 for Quality Score. When I went to school, 95 was a deciet score, LOL. Hope this helps you out.~Mike

If there’s anyone who can be more specific on what all of these tests and scores mean, I’d sure like to hear about it. I would like to learn more about this aspect of burning DVD’s. Thanks ~ Mike

If you can find one (and also afford it) a Plextor is a very good choice. A cheaper (but anyway very good) option is a liteon or a benq drive.

A lot of information is available here (read first sticky threads) :slight_smile:

Also Tim, I’ve heard that besides being a great burner , the BenQ is also compatible with Speed. I read alot of posts where people scan their media with them. My scan above was done with a 4+ year old Lite-On that was giving me fits while I was using it to read & write my back-ups so these figures might be alittle suspect for accuracy. But we make do ya know, LOL. ~ Mike

Thanks geno888. That’ll be a big help. There’s nothing like knowledge ya know. And right, it’s Power. Thanks again ~ Mike

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I moving this thread to the Media forum. I think is better suited there.:clap:

Isn’t the HP 740e a rebaged BenQ 1625?

I have a Sony DRU-800A and it works for scans and its also a good burner(for me anyway) and pretty cheap.

That I don’t know
all I know is using Nero cd-dvd speed I can do all the test on each Tab and get a result for each one But I was told that my burner or burners can;t scan
when I did the disc quality scan :confused:
but like I said

can do all the test on each Tab and get a result for each one :confused: :doh: