Is this a good burn?

I have just bought myself a NEC3450. This is my first burn and i just want to find out how good it is (dont know what to look for to know myself).

The Disk is a Arita 2.4x DVD+R Ritek Disk, Burned at 2.4x.

Try scanning at a lower speed instead of MAX.

Try scanning in Nec 3540. =)
EDIT: Ups… you have Nec 3450. =)

Then how is this scan?

Make sure you have CDSpeed version 3.80. Go to tab “Extra” and then “Disc Quality Test”. In the new window that opens hit start and have a nice scanning :wink:

Then how about this?

I just want to know if my drive is burning ok


that scan looks ok, but scanning a full disc is a better test as errors are more common after the 4GB mark and do the scan at 5X not max.

also i would try burning thouse R00`s faster than the rated 2.4x as they have been proved to be good media, try 4x to start with.