Is this a good burn?

I dont know much about burning but this was done at 16x on an dvd+r 8x taiyo yuden 002 disc using nero THe drive used is the Plextor 716a using 104 firmware. The bottom buffer was fluctuating in nero, but the top one was not. Isnt the yellow line supposed to arch down from on top of the green one? Here is a png. Any help would be appreciated because u guys know ur stuff. thanx a lot :slight_smile:

Ty makes very high quality media so I would expect that you have a good burn. Plextor is pretty good as well. The above scan you have posted only reflects on the drive’s abitilty to read the disc. It really doesn’t give you a complete picture of the quality of the burn. Use your Plextools to run a PI/PIF quality scan and look at the number and range of the errors. I can’t translate plextors interpretation of “good” as I don’t use Plextor drives, but if you post your scan in the Plextor thread I am sure someone there can help you read the scan. They also may have a series of posts that will answer your questions.

Looks like you put the disc in upside down. LOL :wink:

No, its an awful burn. Where do you have the Plex hooked up?