Is this a good burn or not?

What are all these errors ??? Is my 3520 dying ??? I scanned it at 4x and 8x and the scans are totally different, why ???

You should always scan @4x with Lite-On drives. As you have done with the first scan, wich is very good.

:disagree: Nono…

@unisaw, if the disc plays well and the transfer rate test (at 16x) performs with a straight graph without “dips” (slow downs), there is no need to worry. :slight_smile:

Ok pinto, thanks, I didn’t know that :slight_smile:

pinto, I haven’t kept up with liteon’s what’s the accepted scan speed with the new generations?


Pinto, even though the acepted speed for the newer drives is 8X a 4X scan should also provide nearly the same result. As I recall, when the decision was made, the logic was that numerous comparisons showed that there was no difference and so you could go to 8X. It was not because these drives were better at 8X it was that they were OK at 8X so we could now use it.