Is this a fake verbatim?

Is there any way to ID fake from original verbatims?

Searching for pics i stumbled on this site and now im curious if mine is fake too :frowning:

more pics

Does all verbatims come with that perfect border (left spindle) or the right one can be made by verbatim too?

Depends on the speed. Don’t forget Verbs only make 16x themselves or quality control the ones made for them using their methods, they outsource their 8x to the likes of Ritek and I can see that fault on some old G05s I have.

My TY Verbatims (YUDEN000 T02) have rough edges as shown in the right hand pic, and they’re genuine. Don’t know about those, though. As JayC said, depends on the speed…

You should’ve posted this in the Blank Media forum, there are discussions like this in there all the time! They’re very good with what’s fake, and what’s not in there.