Is this a crock or what?



Not trying to start a BenQ vs. NEC war, but a guy posted this link in a thread debating the merits of the NEC burner vs. the BenQ.

Results look pretty skewed if you ask me…


Haha… he used my firmware for Nec… Damn… and I’m a BenQ/Philips fan now =P Also he used not so good quality DVD-R disc only… and we all know this is not the strongest side of BenQ. =)


I would say that the LiteOn 811 wasn’t a great choice to do a quality scan on. 812 or 832 would have been much better. And he is testing -R media. I don’t think anyone would argue that Benq -R burns are anything spectacular. Change to comparing their ability to burn +R media and the Benq may have a slight edge.


I would have to agree that the NEC 3500 is a better burner than the BenQ 1620 for the media that I use. However there is no point to comparing a drive no longer available to one that is.


lol…he is slow…we all here knows which is better…


Hmm i must say its rather weird to use a 811 for error measurement.
I had used an 832 much better at scanning.