Is this a CloneCD bug?

When I first downloaded CloneCD Beta 9 it installed and worked fine. Then I got CloneCD Beta 14(or whatever it was) and when I install it and open it all the messages would come up(log, registration, TRY IT menu) but when I close all of them, all the buttons on the CloneCD window are greyed out. Even if I click FILE, all the options are greyed out(Copy from CD reader, Erase CD, etc). So I tried reinstalling it, uninstalling it, restart computer, install again, restart again and still same problem. I kept doing this and then it finally worked. But now I am on a new computer with CloneCD Beta 30 and it it giving me that same problem. Is it CloneCD or my computers? I am running Win XP PRO with a Mitsumi CR-4802te burner, and a Toshiba CDrom.

I can’t help you but I will say that mine doens’t do it.

Originally posted by Brandono
I am running Win XP PRO
XP has issues which you read about here