Is this a bug?

Or is it my being a new Nero user.

I successfully burned a CD using the FAT16 partition of my Dell box as the source for boot image data. The CD boots up fine to run the Dell diagnostics that you would normally reach through an F key press on boot up.

The problem is I now cannot change the “Bootable Logical Drive” (normally A:floppy) to anything other than the FAT16 source.

This is very disturbing as I often need to create boot CDs with other image (IMA) files. Creating boot CD/DVD with ISO files works fine.

does nero fully support fat16? i don’t know, but that is a pretty outdated file structure…might want to post this in the nero forum.

Since the Nero successfully created the boot CD from a FAT16 partition, I don’t see how this can be the issue. Why can’t I now change the “Source of the Boot Image Data”. It is locked onto that partition whenever I try to create a CD-ROM Boot disk.

What Nero forum?

this nero forum

If you look on the front page for the forum I’m sure you will find it or you can do a search. :rolleyes: :slight_smile: