Is This a Benq

Just bought what I thought was a Benq DW1620,
but it shows up as a DVD DD2164*16 and uses the firmware G7H9,
how exactly do I flash it to a benq?

use the search function and you will find the answers you seek

Its a Benq. I think my Nu DDW-163 said that before I flashed it to a B7P9. Its a great drive but you have to flash the FW.

First make sure your drive is working 100%. Burn some disks and look if they play on your stand alone player. By flashing your drive you void waranty rules, so it’s your own risk. When you want to flash your drive into a BenQ 1620pro, take a look at this page.

i would recommend to download the the firmware flasher (WinDW Flash.exe), firmware B7P9.cvt file and the original B7T9.exe file.
First flash the drive with the B7P9.cvt file using WinDWFlash.exe.
Restart computer after flash and than flash the drive with the original firmware B7T9. exe. Make sure that there is no media in the drive when you flash the firmware.

Important tip, do some reading first. you can flash your drive anytime. I only want to protect you for making dumb mistakes. Be patient take the time to know your drive. :slight_smile:

I already looked at the unnoficial benq firmware page but I’d like some advice
do I just use windwflash exe and my chosen firmware,its just
that I’m not sure what the cvt file is for

Thanx cor88, looks like our posts overlapped,
Flashing drives isnt new to me I’ve flashed dozens of them I just wasnt sure
about that cvt file.
So after flashing using the cvt file and windvflash,
that makes it a benq and I’m free to use any firmware?

You have to use a cvt file for crossflashing to “B” f/w. After that you can use any of the “B” f/w’s. Make sense?

Yep got it thanx