Is this a bad scan?

this is from a fuji disk, why so bad?

your cdspeed should be read in a speed unlocked DVDROM m8 writers dont give a true reading and yes your top graphs are not good at all.

i thought fuji disks were meant to be good,
obviously not

What writer/firmware/speed did you burn them at and otf or hard drive image? and what fuji disc?

The PI/PO scan tells you absolutely nothing about the write quality. According to the top-graph, your dvds should be unreadable because of PIF values higher then 32, yet the transferscan is perfect! Try rescanning it with a (liteon) writer and then report back.

The transfer scan will be perfect its read with his writer how can you test a dvd for speed transfer when the writer used wont max out the read speed of the disc? i bet 90% + of the discs he burns will show up perfect speed tested with that writer.

If a disc is really as bad as the top scan shows (in lite-on equivelant terms) then even a 8xMAX reader will have problems. The read-speed test didn’t show any crc errors either, this goes to show that there is something odd about the PI/F test.

i agree but he did’nt say its the same disc :wink:

its all the same disk same reader etc
i think its my reader/writer combo that is borked
my lite on is external housing via usb will that make a difference?

well here it is

WTF is a DVR-MCC? If I may ask…

its basically a pioneer 108 thats been flashed to a special firmware designed for medion electronics - i got it cheap

I can produce an almost identical scan to that,

It is burnt on a verbatim 8x DVD-R@2x in my msi dr4a FW 2.60 and tranfer scanned in my plextor px116a2


what are u eeking at?
is it good or bad?

Like someone mentioned above, try rescanning for speed readings in a ROM drive :cool:

From the liteon results, it doesn’t look like a terrible burn.

A decent, not great burn.

Don’t trust the pioneer to do any sort of good PI/PO scanning.

The liteon readers do a reasonable job at PI/PO scanning, especially at showing poorly burnt areas and how well a disk handles high speed reading, but it does tend to give results that are higher overall. The liteon DVD-readers also seem to have a bug that results in most ECC blocks having one extra PIF. Thus, an average of > 1 PIF is ok on this drive.

done using a 167t
any comments?

Download cdbremse =>
then lock the speed on the 167t to 4x cav, then re-do the test