Is this a bad burn (TYG03)?

I’ve burned a backup DVD on my old NEC 3520 and I’m not sure what to think about it. Is it ok to have ~700 PIF on the first 0.5 GB and about 1000 PIF on the last few MBs?

Most PIF clusters like these are caused by impurities on the disc surface, prior burning (then they are permanent) or after burning (dusting makes them disappear or… moves them to some other place… ! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Then again, the 3520 is an oder burner and probably doesn’t handle T03 too well. But such PIF clusters are very unlikely to be caused by improper burning parameters.

If you want to know if your burn is OK, perform a transfer rate test.

Would you keep this burn?

A Transfer Rate Test is still a requirement personally - it tells us if the burn is fully readable with no problems. PIE & PIF aren’t the only things that need to be taken into account when measuring disc quality :slight_smile:

NEC is not exactly the best scanner. I would not take the results very seriously.

Go to the benchmark test tab in cdspeed. Click “Run test” - “Transfer Rate”. Then post the results here.

Personally yes, but I would re-check it after 6 months or so.

NEC is not exactly the best scanner. I would not take the results very seriously.
Agreed, but PIF clustering reporting is in my experience rather reliable with the 3520 (an even more with the 3540). PIE levels are not, though.

As you can see, [B]Kevatcrewe [/B]and [B]cd pirate[/B] also insist on the [B]transfer rate test[/B]… :wink: - you’ll get that a lot in this section. :iagree: We are several to put more stress on the actual readability of the discs at higher speeds, than on PIE/PIF figures at lower speeds.

Personally, in case you wouldn’t mind, I would also be interested in a @12X scan of this disc in your 3520. It could reveal if the PIF figures near the end of the burn are due to a physical problem (as mentioned above) or to so-so reading quality of the track in this area.

Here is a 12x scan. Unfortunately I can’t make a transfer rate test. :frowning:

Why have you hidden the read speed?

Can’t make a Transfer rate test?

Don’t see why a TRT would not work??? Just click on the benchmark Tab then press F2 or go to Run test, then Transfer rate.

Thanks. :slight_smile: I personally think this is a usable, but marginal burn. It’s definitly possible to get much better looking @12X scans in the 3520.

My advice would be to buy a newer drive if you want to use T03s. If you can’t or won’t, you could stick with media that was around when the last 3520 firmware was updated, like Verbatim 8X, or with media that has wider tolerance for power calibration, like Verbatim 16X -R (I think the +R is less tolerant but I’m not 100% sure). If you really want 16X TY, you need a newer drive, or even the stability of your burns is at stake: an improper laser calibration can lead to degrading burns. :frowning:

Unfortunately I can’t make a transfer rate test. :frowning:
:confused: Why is that?