Is this a bad burn ? - SONY08D1



2 copies of each? You are really careful :bigsmile:

Maybe you are interested also in this nice piece of software :slight_smile:


I’m in love with this software already. I wonder how it works , I mean is this somthing i do too the files before i burn them or somthing i can do a failing disk later to recover the data?

heh i got this way from my cd pirate days on irc. I use to burn games i downloaded to cdrs , some of the time i would find out i couldnt copy them anymore for trading. To get around this i would make a second copy of the image , rared and burnt to a disk. Some times 2 , lol 3 in all :slight_smile:

i have a 100 cake box of prodiscf02 . i was thinking of making 4 copys of each :slight_smile:

( 2 - SONY08D1 and 2 - prodiscf02 ) Till i saw people saying how bad they where. I had a page that listed them as 2nd class media . so i still don’t know if i will do it.


If you’re referring to digitalfaq, it’s irrelevant as they rate mostly on coasters. ProdiscF02 is decent media :iagree:


0_o i didn’t know that, how dose it rank with the sony’s i used ? i didnt know memorex where that good


Memorex are all over the place with quality, it really isn’t worth the risk. If you can get ProdiscF02 under Fuji, SmartBuy or Eproformance brands they are usually pretty good :slight_smile:


ah cool i found the latest version of cdspeed. now i can set it too 1ECC


The 8x sony discs are fine. I’ve not had any stability problems with them at all, they’ve lasted more than a year and can be read back perfectly.

You can get verbatim, but if you are short on cash, the sony discs are actually not too bad at all. So don’t feel absolutely inclined to go and buy verbatim and forget about all your sony. I personally prefer verbatim above all other media but I do use other brands for giveaway discs to friends/family etc.


Totally agree :iagree:
I’ve only tried Sony DVD+R media , MIT D11 and MIJ D21 , they read perfectly and TRT is always excellent but they don’t scan well , specially the D11 DVD+R (or in your case DVD-R)


hmmm this has given me food for thought. @ cd pirate : This is good to hear , i don’t have much money and the sony’s are easier to find cheaper to buy.

Is it alright to keep them in a binder ? i have way to many dvd cases. and in instances such as a fire , i would lose just about everything. With binders i can just toss them in a box and high tail it. But i don’t know if i am shorting their life span.

@minaelromany yeah the reason i started getting them was due to me finding out some of my sony 4x from years ago where yudens via dvd identification. So i figured , what the hay ! I’ll get some 8x’s ! it will be the same. Thats when i found out they where SONY08D1. Dose sony still use yuden ? And if so how do i figure out which one is a yuden from the cake box ? My old 4x had made in japan on the jewel case , i can look for that at least . The SONY08D1 came in a 25 disk cake box with a Grey spacer. They ( staples ) had some 10 packs in a box , just like my 4x’s only these where 16x sonys


Well if the sony is cheaper to buy and easier to obtain, you don’t have to worry too much about getting verbatim or whatnot. As long as the sony discs read back fine in your dvd player/PC drive, they should be ok.

Here’s a scan of one of my sony discs - It works fine after more than a year.

I can get verbatim much cheaper where I live, so I don’t ever think about getting sony. I got 50 of the 8x -R last year because they were on special and I decided to give them a shot.

If they were much cheaper than verbatim (at least 30% cheaper), they would probably be my second/third choice of discs. They look nice and work well. Quality scanning is not 100% accurate at determining which discs will work in a player. You can get something that scans way better but does not work at all.


thanks for leting me know that about cdspeed. I was going to start chucking any disk with low scores in the trash. whew!


I wouldn’t do that just based on a low quality score :disagree: - if it failed a TRT, or you couldn’t copy the data back to your hard drive from the disc as well, then I probably would. :slight_smile:


Lol, yeah, don’t go doing that unless there are massive errors and TRT problems like Arachne said.

Btw, cdspeed is accurate, it’s the actual drive which is not accurate. That goes for any PC based DVD drive, whether it’s a liteon or BenQ, it doesn’t matter. They can give much different results to professional devices.

Here’s an original disc - the PIF is 2500. If this were a burnt disc, plenty of people on this forum would say: oh the PIF are high, I think this is a faulty batch of discs. But in reality this original game works very well. Lower errors don’t equate to better playback.


hmmm i see what you mean . You guys are great . I see why your slogan is " knowledge is power "

@cd pirate : thanks to you guys i see that . I was getting different scores each time i scanned the disk.

have any of you ever used the 16x sony’s ? If so , are they as good as the 8x? I actually saw a bunch of 100 packs of them at staples.


I’d say the 16x Sony’s are as good as the 8x ones. I haven’t noticed any difference :slight_smile:


The 16x Sonys, both + and -, work pretty well for me :slight_smile:


thank :slight_smile:

hey do they still use yuden to make some of their 8x line ? was it the +r’s ?


oh yeah , a TRT is good if there is no drop off ? I forgot to ask that :slight_smile:


Yup. A nice smooth curve and the TRT is good. Tiny little blips are no problem, as long as there as no big drops in the curve. :slight_smile:


Some of Sony’s 8x DVD+R, DVD-R, and some of their 16x DVD+R and DVD-R have been made by TY.

Some Sony DVD media (if Made in Japan) was Taiyo Yuden, some other Made in Japan Sony DVD media was made by Sony themselves, and some is made in Taiwan by Daxon. Most Sony media is MIT nowadays though.

This only applies to Sony media in North America though. There have been isolated reports of Sony MIJ DVD media showing up in Europe, but I have not been able to confirm this (apparently they were in 50 disc cakeboxes with both round and octagonal spacer? :confused: well, I haven’t seen these myself…)