Is this a bad burn ? - SONY08D1



Disc & Book Type : [DVD-R] - [DVD-R]
Manufacturer Name : [Sony Recording Media Co.]
Manufacturer ID : [SONY08D1]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,298,496 Sectors = 4.71 GB (4.38 GiB)]

I have an Optiarc dvd-rw ad-7170a 1.04 ( thanks dee !)
I burnt this at 4x . The disk had a hair line scratch near the edge and a slight scuff mark near the middle ( fresh from the cake box)

This is my 2nd post here , so if i left out anything i shouldn’t have Please , please forgive me :o


That’s about what I get with that MID on some burners. It’s OK IMO :slight_smile:

Having said that, I’m not sure how the Optiarcs are for scanning…and welcome to the forum, BTW :slight_smile:


Can you post also a transfer rate test (TRT)? The scan only is not sufficient to have a precise idea of the burning quality :slight_smile:


I knew I forgot something :doh:

I bet someone asks for a 12x or 16x scan too, I can feel it in my bones :bigsmile:


Scanning with NEC drives is something rather complicated, as [B]DrageMester [/B]found out that even different drive units have different favorite scanning speeds!

What about a 5x scan? :slight_smile:

Oh… and while we’re at it… please switch from 8ECC to 1ECC in the [B]Advanced [/B]settings, for the extra accuracy. :wink:


thanks for the warm welcome guys :slight_smile: I’m a complete noob when it comes to cdspeed. I have no idea what that term means.

I retested the same disk and i got this :confused:

How do i make it a transfer rate test ? is that the same as benchmark in cdspeed ?


Are you psychic? :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad the NEC is not a reliable scanner :frowning:


Make sure the benchmark tab is selected, then hit the F2 button on you’re keyboard - this will initiate a TRT :slight_smile:


Optiarcs might be unreliable scanners. LiteOn, BenQ and Plextor drives have a reputation of being rather accurate scanners.

You can turn on the extra accuracy by going to Disc Quality - Settings - Advanced - Scanning Interval - switch from 8ECC to 1ECC - OK. :slight_smile:
(You don’t have to mess with the test length slider.)


@kg_evilboy and Kevatcrewe : thank you for showing me this :slight_smile: i have a lot to learn.

here is the TRT. I will post scans at 5x , 12x ,16x with the 8ECC switch from to 1ECC

*edit *

i cant seem to change that. its out of focus , see image


heres one at 16x will at 12x and 5x to this post


ehm… I think that [B]Arachne[/B] was joking when asked for 16x scans :flower:

The TRT is good, and the 8x scan (the more reliable probably) is not horrible, so I think that your burn is good :slight_smile:


this is what worries me :frowning: it verified in Nero after the burn. All the files on the dvd where rared ( with recovery record) and tested via winrar for errors. ( none found )

yet the disk has 1 small scratch on the boarder ( was there right out of the cake box , before i burned it) and a scuff near the middle of the disk ( also small ). Well these bother my data , even with it showing them as error free in nero and winrar ?

@geno888 even the second one was alright ? So its my drive then , not being able to give good scans back , even when it makes good burns ?


If the disc contains important data, mostly if that disc is scratched, then I suggest to burn again on a better quality disc. Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are the very best available


thank you :slight_smile:
do you know which speed Verbatim i should buy ? for long life storage , they sell them at my local drug store. I take it sony 8x arn’t as good ?


The Sony’s are pretty decent, but Verbatim discs are better - personally, speed and format don’t matter, although the 16x one’s are easier to find :slight_smile:


If you can get MCC 003 or MCC 02RG20 (Verbatim 8x DVD+R or Verbatim 8x DVD-R), those are really great :slight_smile:

MCC 004 or MCC 03RG20 (Verbatim 16x DVD+R or Verbatim 16x DVD-R) are good alternatives as well.
But any other speed (4x, 2.4x…) is perfect too.
(Only use +/-R for archival, I don’t recommend using DVD+RW/-RW discs.)

EDIT: [B]Kev [/B]beat me by a minute! :bigsmile:


I’d go for MCC004 (16x Verbatim +R) :slight_smile:


[B]Arachne[/B] and [B]kg_evilboy[/B] were faster :stuck_out_tongue:

In these days the easiest to find are 16x certified media. I suggest to stay away from the “Pearl White” series, because these are not genuine verbatim but rebranded Ritek media.

Life duration of a media is related on many factors, like the batch of discs, the amount of errors after the burn, and the way you store them. If you get a bad batch with some production defects, these will have a shorter life.

Moreover, it’s better to avoid sticky labels on the disc, to avoid warping. Store your media away from sunlight and preferably on single jewel cases, again to avoid scratches and warping.


thanks for the heads up for headsup about “Pearl White” 16x series. I will find some 8x verbat.

hmmm i keep mine in a 208 disk , case logic binder . I don’t stack them , so the weight isn’t on the last disk. is this alright ? I also don’t put stickers on them or mark on them. I place a numbered dot( like those multi colored dot stickers ) , i use ms word to catalog whats on each number . I make 2 copies of each