Is this 8 cm CD conforming to standard?

I have a CD-RW with 8 cm diammeter and 210 MB capacity. Is this within CD standards? And if so, is its density like 650 MB or 700 MB CD (if it were a 12 cm CD)?

Some remarks that may make my question a bit clearer. Talking about 12 cm CDs, the “normal” capacity is 650 MB. As far as I understand it, there is a tolerance for the distance of two successive tracks. When production got more reliable, it was possible to make the track narrower - close to the inner limits of the standard. This is the 700 MB CD. Later they made CDs with even narrower tracks, resulting in higher capacity, but not conforming to standard. Therefore my question, whether the 8cm/210MB is conforming to standard.

I actually don’t know which diammeter is the inner ring (i. e. where the recording starts, or “time zero”), so I can’t calculate this. I’ve been looking around a bit, but no info.

If anybody knows this, thank you for your reply.


If I remember correctly there were CD-R(W) with 8 cm diameter and less capacity, maybe 180 MB. So what you have might be the little sister of the 700 MB CD-R(W).

I personally prefer 74 minute media for reliability and style although it’s rare nowadays.

I have seen these cds in sizes of 185, 202 and 210 MB.

202 MB could be related to 680 MB CD-R, lol.

8cm exist for CD-R, CD-RW, DVD and even BD formats.

All within the “standards”.