Is this 1650 and downgraded 1655?

Hi guys,

my brother baught yesterday a black Benq 1650 bulk (42€ here in France). On his drive it is written in large “DW1650” but it is also written in a much smaller way “DW1655”. Is it a downgraded 1655?

Its a 1655 without Lightscribe, for people who dont care about burning labels, im pretty sure there is no lightscribe hardware in the 1650, i could be wrong though.

It might just be a 1655 with the lightscribe hardware taken out. Who knows

or a 1655 that failed lightscribe testing?

Hi :slight_smile:
Hardly likely as there are hardware differences.

Has anyone tried crossflashing a 1650 into a 1655 yet???

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes crossflashing has been tried. Results, predictable. 1650 > 1655 will have no lightscribe capability as hardware doesn’t support this. 1655 > 1650 will lose lightscribe facility as f/w doesn’t support this. If you do a search you should find threads relating to this as folks started crossflashing as soon as f/w was available. About 2 weeks ago.

@ Zebadee: when you crossflashed your 1655 to 1650 firmware did it clean the eephrom, did QSuite lose all learned media? I would like to reset my eephrom, clean it completely but with a lack of supported firmware I think this might not be possible.

Hi :slight_smile:
Any crossflashing I did is now about 3 weeks ago, apart from a faulty 1650 which didn’t show any learned memory full stop. But I’m sure learned memory was cleared.

Thanks Martin, I crossflashed and flashed back and I think that solved my problem. Thanks for for all your help.