Is there such an thing as a Dual Layer update for Lite-On SOHW-812S?

Hey All :slight_smile:

My mate reckons that there’s an update for my Lite-On SOHW-812S to make it dual layer- Now is he just telling me porkies as i can’t seem to find it?

He said that he can’t find it but has heard that one is/will be availble soon :a

Could anyone shed some light on this matter please…? :slight_smile:

Many ThanX :slight_smile:

There isn’t an official update to let the 812S burn double-layer media. But there is an unofficial one. :wink:

See 812S@832S at

Well it’s unofficially supported by Liteon but it’s officially great :cool:

Thanks Guys! :slight_smile:

Has either of you tried it out once you have unofficially upgraded the firmware…?


Perhaps you should have a look at our LiteOn forum…

Will do!

Thanks for the support :wink:

I have a Sony DW-U18a (a Lite-On SOHW-812S with a Sony external look) and succesfully flashed it to support Double Layer with Lite-On SOHW-832S firmware. The drive works fine with conventional media and Nero detects it is DL compatible, but I cannot test it because DL media isn’t available here in my country yet. :=( Anyone interested?

well, i flashed my Sony dw-u18a to the latest SOHW-812S firmware
do u think i should go with the 832S firmware? is it worth it?

is it hard to flash now from 812s to 832s,
or was it easier to directly flash from sony to 832s?

we have dual layer here, but ther are damn! expensive
its like $4.50 USD here each blank
you might as well pay extra $4.50 and own & buy the damn dvd (atleast u get the cover and 2nd special edition cd) :iagree:

Have many people had much luck with this upgrade…?

Any problems since flashing…? :slight_smile:

well, i flashed my Sony dw-u18a to the latest SOHW-812S firmware
do u think i should go with the 832S firmware? is it worth it?

is it hard to flash now from 812s to 832s,
or was it easier to directly flash from sony to 832s?

easy as pie get onipatcher from codeguys page and flash with either sony dru-700a or liteon 832 firmware (i would recommend 832 with codeguys CG3B firmware). with that combination you will get the best burns your liteon is currently capable of and also get dual layer support.
be sure to put a check in the cross flash option of omnipatcher…

ThanX will give it a go! :slight_smile:

“the_hester” i did everything u said to be done, i downloaded the 832S from codeguys.
LiteOn SOHW-832S (Looking for 451S@832S, 851S@832S, or 812S@832S?)

i downloaded:
• CG3B - patched - improved +R burn quality for 451S, 851S, 812S, 832S

i loaded the bin in omnipatcher, it loaded…but the “cross flash” was greyd out and i couldnt put a tick in it.
im using omnipatcher 1.3.14
and as i said, i flashed my dw-u18a to the latest SOHC-812s firmware. so why couldnt i flash from 812s to 832s??

lol…i couldnt wait for the reply…i was too eager…anyway, plz tell me i did the right thing! :eek:

i downloaded from codeguys.rpc under:
LiteOn SOHW-832S (Looking for 451S@832S, 851S@832S, or 812S@832S?)

this file:

• VS0B - patched - crossflashing (for 451S, 851S, 812S, etc.)

because the CG3B file didnt have the option to CROSSFLASH in omnipatcher, but the top one did. anyway, crossflashing was automatcially enabled in omnipatcher when i loaded the file, i clicked on :
Apply recommnded DVD tweaks (just to make sure)
then i SAVED the file, it came out as an exe.

i doubleclicked it, and it showed that it will upgrade from 812S to 832S.
i clicked OK…then it programmed, then asked to reboot.
after reboot, windows detected new hardware SOHC-832S and it showed in properties that it was. PHEW? is thata ll right? the believe the VS0B is the latest firmware for 832S.

so plz tell me, what benefits did i get upgrading from lastest firmware of 812S to 832S?
also, is there a program that will tell me what my max dvd-r burning speed, if dual-layer is compatible (u know, just to make sure the flashing worked)??
because nero will only tell em my max burnin speed is 4x, (because i only have a 4x discs)

This is part of the first post of the CG3B thread found HERE.

lol sorry, missed that…
so can i run it now?
even after using the crossflasher VS0B?

or its not worth it?

VS0B is a good firmware. But, if you burn a lot of +R´s I can recommend CG3B. Actually CG3B is “optimized” for DVD+R´s and built on VS0B.

You can flash your drive without fear “many” times. :cool:

This firmware is aimed at improving the write quality to dvd+ media. It will aslo give you ability to burn dual layer. If you plan on using + media then yes i would recomend that you try it.

ok, im gonna give it a shot at re-flashing :slight_smile:

umm hold on… u said it gives me abililty to burn dual layer…
but doesnt the 832S with VS0B already have dual-media introduced?

so is the VS0B the ogirinal firmware while the CG3B the unofficial but optimised firmware that is based on VS0B?
cuz im wondering, if a new firmware comes out for 832S its likely to be a VS0* and not a CG3* firmware…you think i should stik with the VS0B?
at the same time CG3B will give better performance for +R and 832S ONLY supports dual layer for +R. so then again, i think i shoudl apply it.

When i came to apply the CG3B update on top of the VS0B, it said “your firmware is already the latest. do u still want to continue”?
i got bit nervous here and clicked NO, thinkin if i said yes, my new firmware would be backdated to old. someone give me some courage. lol

YES, VS0B gives you DL+R9. :smiley:

And sure, for example I with my 812 get better burnresults when on VS0B then on CG3B. You just have to try out what suits your drive best.
Remember DVDRW drives are individual, not one like any other. :cool:

BTW, please stop crossposting in same forum. Ask your questions in one thread. The answers will be the same.