Is there such a thing as transparent dvd or cd?

Does anyone know if there is a such a thing as a transparent or maybe semi-transparent CD or DVD? I’d like to silkscreen white onto it but I’m not sure such a product exists.

Thanks for any info!

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For what I know an optical media cannot be transparent because data are stored on a layer of colored substance, and to read and write data on the disc is necessary to have a reflecting layer, that must be opaque, or the laser light will go through the data layer with no possibility to read data from the disc.

To create a transparent disc containing data, if is it possible, I think that a completely different hardware will be necessary, i.e. the currently available burners will be not able to read/write transparent discs.

There is no such thing as a transparent CD/DVD not to my knowledge anyway and like geno888
said the disc has to have a reflective layer to work properly. :iagree:

There are some discs that are so thin that they’re almost transparent… although they only seem transparent when held up to a light source (like an LCD monitor or lamp).

IE. Verbatim CD-R MIT by CMC. Almost paper-thin it’s a wonder it reflects the beam from a laser. Good discs though, great compatibility with standalones - weird in a cool way.

Thanks for all the info guys! I’ll look into the ‘thin’ CD option