Is there such a thing as the best burner?

New guy here with a question

Is there such a thing as the best CD burner ? I know different people have different ideas. I have a Dell that came with Sonic 6.5 and that worked ok for awhile until I had issues with a bad motherboard and had it replaced and then in the interim since I thought it was the program I got a copy of Cheetah and that seems to work pretty well. I also have Roxio 5 Roxio 6 and even have a copy of Nero 6 something. I just downloaded the trial version of Alcohol and have not yet looked at it.

All I do is copy my own CDs (audio) to have in my vehicles and I xfer pics from my camera or PC to CDs for storage

I have a brand new Samsung (yuch) CD burner in my PC that Dell just replaced but even so this morning when I made a copy of a CD and put it in my home stereo it started spinning crazy like a UFO and I thought it was gonna fly out of the clear cover on the stereo. ( granted I didn’t try it in another Stereo , maybe that one has problems )

I was just wondering I guess is what is the general consensus on the best burner program that will just do basic stuff


Kingston TN

Nero is always a good choice of burning software. Alcohol 120% is different though, it is used for creating backups of copy protected discs.

Is the problem that the audio cDs not play well in the car? If that’s the case it’s probably the media. I’ve found Verbatim Pastel & Super AZO to be the only way I can play copied or compilation CDs in my car stereo, but I must also use my Liteon CD writer to do it. A dvd writer won’t hack it for me.

As aa audio CD burning app I generally use Roxio 7 (6 before that) and occassionally Burrrn which has the advantage of being free.

OIC - thankx for that tip

To tell the truth I have yet to try the ones that flop around in my home stereo in the truck or car. I usually get po’d and toss them in the can but the next time I get one that does that I will take it out and try it. I did have some media I bought (on sale ) that I assumed would be good since it was HP but it turns out it wsn’t that good. I do have a stack of new Sony media I will try. I used to have good luck out of the blanks I got from Staples, I may try them again