Is there such a thing as a tray that stacks multiple cds for labeling?

I’m searching and have not found any info regarding a feeder tray for a direct to cd/dvd printer that would allow you to stack more than one cd onto a tray and print labels onto multiple cds or dvds without having to constantly refeed the tray after each disc is finished. Anyone have any answers or thoughts?



Probably have to go with a complete printing/labeling system that’s designed for this. sells some.

Holy crap! I just read this after searching through ebay. I am amazed at how expensive it is to purchase a printer to print labels on multiple cd/dvd’s.

It’s not a product that sells a lot, hence the prices. Most are intended for runs of a hundred or more. Over the course of a few thousand discs, the cost per disc is not so high. The inks prolly cost more.


We are looking for a supplier that can deliver printable business card CD/DVD with the dimensions 85mm x 61mm. Do you know someone(in Europe or else)?