Is there something wrong with this



im fairly new to the dvd/cd burning scne and this just doesnt seem right i got some datasafe titanium 8x dvd-r ran a couple of tests to check em out and got this

then did the 1.04u firmware update and managed this

Now to me this doesnt seem right as i had to rma my first drive and they guy on the phone said they had checked this b4 sending it out

Are there any other tests i should run to check it out ? any help greatly appreciated thanx


What is the MID of your datasafe titanium? You can use DVD Identifier to check the MID.

To test your drive, you need to use recommended media:

Basically they are only 4 recommended media for both DVD+R and DVD-R: Mitsubishi/Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, Maxell and Ricoh.


it looks like the disks are compatible spose ill have a look around for the recommended media for sale in the uk


They are probably media with fake mediacodes… this kind of discs are cheap but the speed they support is lower than specified and the quality is questionable… here is an article regarding the issue


thanx for that link corbus i realised choice of media was important but just didnt credit how important it actually is.