Is there something wrong with my Write CDRW 3.0 software?

After install Write CDRW 3.0 onto my Windows XP PC, I restart my PC after the install. After I boot back to my Windows, I first realise thre is no icon sitting in my system tray (something similar to an icon of Nero InCD) to tell me the software of Write CDRW 3.0 had been running or had benn activated.

In adddition, when I insert a blank Aopen CDRW disc into my Cd burner. I only got the response and ask me when I see a blank disc, what should I do (I chhose no action)

Lastly, when I hightlight my burner and click properties I have no option to format my disc and I am 100% sure my TEAC burner is Mount Rainer Ready.

FYI, after the install, when I got to Start --> Programs --> Write CDRW!, I can only see the Write CDRW Manual. There seems to be no program had been installed onto my PC.

So I just wonder what went wrong. Please help !

Check c:\documents and settings\all users\start menu\programs

Maybe it’s hidden under there.

And are you sure the program is XP proof ?