Is there something wrong with my LG GCE-8526B



Sorry for double posting in another section of the forum…

I am using Windows ME, LG CDRW GCE-8526B, 256mb RAM, NERO OEM 6
The situation is this:
I’ve bought the CDRW 2 months ago and it was burning fine with IMATION and even non-branded cds. But problems occur recently… I burn like normally (at 16x) with some non branded cds and it said the process was successful. But when I tried to copied the whole 700 mb of the cds out, the end part of the file (around 500-700mb) cannot be copied out. This happen to everytime I burn cds no matter what file it is. I thought it was the cd, so I tried back with IMATION ones and the same thing occurs; now I already have wasted more than 50 cds.

I thought it could be buffer underrun, so I tried a lot of stuffs such as burning at different speed, uncheck DMA & AIN, close all the software running including anti-viruses etc…But it still happens, but not all (let’s say I use 10 cds, 7 of them have the problem)

Then, I tried with different medias, some of them are like that while some isn’t. I only know that BenQ and NEC cds aren’t having the problem…but I still can’t help thinking how on earth when I first bought the hardware, everything was burning fine… Could it be some sort of problem with the software?

Please help…


oh, could it also be that the CDRW is being sensetive, that only certain CDs can burn without problem?