Is there something wrong with my burner?

Can anyone help me? I’ve been trying to burn audio cd’s, but every time the last 3 or 4 songs don’t burn properly. They either skip and pop or don’t play at all. I’ve checked all the source files, they’re all fine. I’m using acer media, which worked perfect with my old burner. I’ve tried burning with nero, roxio, and windows media player, all of which have the same result. The software says cd created successfully, but when you play it, the last tracks don’t work. I’ve tried all the different write speeds. I think it may be my burner that’s causing this. I have an LG GCE8520B. I’ve downloaded the new firmware for it, but I don’t really understand the stuff it says in the read me file (i.e. connect to secondary IDE channel as as master drive alone, etc.) . I haven’t run the update yet for fear of damaging the burner. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to correct it. Thanks.

Just try first using different media. The fact that the ones you’re using now worked for you in the past doesnt necessarily mean they will do it with your new burner. The fact that the last songs are reported to have the problem indicates bad recording at the outer layers where the recording speed is higher.

Then check the source files for any errors. Are you burning from mp3 files or straight from the music CD? Check for bad compression and/or scratches on the original.

Finally flashing with the latest firmware for your drive will probably improve its media compatability (check the log for the new fw). Flashing with the new firmware should be quite easy and doesnt endanger your drive in any way when done properly. Just follow the instructions. I am flashing my drives without having them as masters on the 2ndary IDE since day one, so i dont think it is really necessary.